Taste of Italian Food on Its Own Land

Italian food is world famous and there are many specialized Italian restaurants all across the globe. But the real fun of eating Italian food is in Italy itself. The European country has a lot to things to explore and eat some delicious food simultaneously. A wide range of Italian foods are served to people in restaurants considering their particular taste and style. You can also get some amazing experiences of enjoying the yummy yet hygienic foodstuff.

Italian cuisine has formulated through centuries of political and social changes. It is greatly influenced by Jewish, Etruscan, ancient Roman, Byzantine and ancient Greek. Different types of taste, colors and verities of meals are served in the country. So, you will get amazed to see the diversity. Try out a number of dishes and get some good experiences. Though you can find Italian restaurants in other parts of the world as well, the real feel of consuming is in Italy only. If you are planning to visit Italy, gear up for the exciting tour.

Popular Regional Cuisines of Italy

Each region of the country has its specific specialties, mainly at the regional level, however now widespread to the provincial level as well. Such types of differences can come into picture from the bordering countries like Austria and France. Moreover, it can also happen whether the region is near to the mountains or the sea. Italian food is also seasonal with the main priority is given to the fresh produce.


Veneto and its surrounding areas are famous for risotto, a tasty dish with diverse ingredients of different areas. Seafood and fish are common to the coast along with frogs’ legs, pumpkin, radicchio and asparagus. Traditional meals include polenta, rapini, porcini etc. Legumes, peas and beans are served with risi e bisi and pasta e fagioli.

Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Friuli-Venezia Giulia maintained its cuisine. Pordenone and Udine are famous for Frico cheese, Montasio cheese and San Daniele del Friuli ham. Other typical dishes include polenta, gnocchi and pitina.


The best part about the cuisine of Tuscany is that it believes in simplicity. To prepare it, fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes, mushrooms, cheese and bread are used. It’s one of the good examples can be ribollita, a popular Tuscan soup. Many delicious dishes are served in Florence as well. Even you can plan a tour to this place nearby some popular restaurants by looking for some suitable  Florence Apartments.


The cuisine of Lombardy is based on ingredients such as lard, maize, butter, pork and beef. Rice dishes are prominent in this region. You should also try some soups like risotto.

Valle d’Aosta

In this region, mostly bread thickened soups are traditional along with rice, cheese fondue, potatoes and chestnuts. Polenta is a type of staple taken with smoked bacon and rye bread.


Most of the pasta dishes are based on guanciale and commonly available in Lazio like pasta all’amatriciana and pasta alla carbonara. Italian food is simply mouth-watering that can make any people eager to eat it.


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